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Please answer the following questions:

a) A scholarship officer at a university is considering an applicant for a travel scholarship to an overseas university. The officer uses the following processes: If the student has a grade point average (GPA) in the 95th percentile among the admission, ten points are added. If the student had a TEE or university entrance score in the 95th percentile, five points are added. If a student comes from a household whose combined income is less than $60,000 a year, for the last four years, five points are added. If the student is from the country or rural area, five points are added. What variables are being used to determine eligibility for the travel scholarship? What would be your approximate score on this scale and explain answer? Is this best described as an index or a composite scale? Explain your response.

b) A general-interest magazine claimed that it is a better advertising medium than radio or television programs with similar content. Research has indicated that for a soft drink and other test products, recall scores were higher for magazine ads than for 60- second advertisements. Comment on the validity and reliability of the measurement of advertising effectiveness.

c) Many internet surveys want to know demographic characteristics of their respondents and how technologically sophisticated they are. Create a conceptual definition of ‘technographics’ and operationalise it. State at least three questions to show operationalisation of technographics.

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