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Please answer the following questions at the end of this case study. I'm curious to what others opinions are. Thanks!Success at Energo by Integrating Two Diverse Cultures with a plan being drawn up, environmental impacts recog nized, restructuring of the overall organization, designing the integration, and then implementing the design. As perhaps expected, neither sides personnel were able to give up their perspective to see the larger picture. and The project managers kept working on this issue, however watched for problems, did a lot of management-by-walking around, and gradually, the integration began to occur, gath ering speed as it went. At project closure, when all costs and engineering changes were hammered out for final payment A major project involving some hundreds of millions of dollars was stymied due to the cultural differences between the ownerlclient, a state-run Middle East developer, the contractor, a state-run European international designer and builder of industrial and construction projects. As can be imagined, the difference in the cultures is extreme and includes religions, the role of women in society, the difference in power between managers and workers, and the by tyle of management itself. These differences were exacer- P bated by the conditions surrounding the project: an isolated desert, poor communication, extremely harsh living/working conditions, and a highly unstable legal/political environment (taxes, regulations, restrictions, and even client reorganiza tions) that was changing daily tough external bargaining agents (rather than by princi pled negotiation, typically), no agreement could be reached. Instead, the project managers were brought back and allowed to close the project in their own fashion. They simply continued the integration process they had used earlier and quietly phased out the successful project. Questions The client and contractor came to realize that the two separate organizational systems created an interface or boundary, between them that was almost impenetrable. They thus decided to try to integrate the two systems into one unified system (see Exhibi I). This was done methodically 1. What was the key to solving this dilemma? 2. How did the two PMs implement their strategy? 3. What actions in Exhibit 1 might have been key to making this project a success?The Project Style Characteristics Counterparts working together (teamwork) Project-related pictures, charts, and schedules on office lls Actions Physical Tour the site with counterpart project manager daily Make your office look like a war room Myths and Stories: We are one team with two sides Both culture Both sides interests should be satisfied We trust young managers Get the job done Separate yourself from the position and stick to the problem Both project managers are good, and committed to the project Gather ideas and information from all over the project Whenever possible, let the counterparts have a joint office Organize group visits to local historical sites s are interesting Ceremonies: From time to time, attend lower-level joint project meetings Celebrate each key event completion Frequent meetings at all levels Frequent social gatherings and festivities Plan, organize, and control with your counterparts Make decisions No finger pointing for wrong decisions, learn the lesson Quickly execute the decision If you need help, dont hesitate to refer to your boss Management Ask counterparts for joint report on an issue le: Recognize high-performance managers monthly

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