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Question: please answer the following two questions...

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Choose from the following list of reagents: 1) Br2 2) xs NaNH2 3) H20 PCC, CH2Cl2 1) TsCI, pyridine 2) t-BuOK 3) H20 H2CrO4 1) LiAIH4 2) H20 9 1) TsCI, pyridine 2) NaOEt 1) t-BuOK 2) TsCI, pyridine 1) Hg(OAc)2, H20 2) NaBH4 dilute H2S04 MCPBA Enter the correct letter for each step of the reaction in the boxes below (Reagents cannot be used more than once.) Step A Step BPlease answer the following two questions

▼ 12.11c2 Get help answering Mole Your answer is incorrect. Try again. Provide the missing curved arrow(s) to show the first step in the mechanism. Modify the given structure to draw the intermediate formed in t formal charges and lone pairs in your answer H,C CH3 Edit CH3 CH By accessing this Question Assistance, you will learn while you earn points based on the Point Potential Policy set by your instructor. SAVE FOR LATER Attempts: 1 of 4 used

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