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Please answer the followings Questions in 550-words count in your own words. Please provide a spreadsheet with calculation and loss estimates and capital. The board of directors of your for-profit hospital has been approached by a nonprofit hospital to consider a joint venture to take over their business resulting in a larger for-profit medical center status. You have been asked to construct a financial risk analysis for this conversion. Using course materials, including your text and the Internet, and principles of financial risk analysis, evaluate the considerations that a nonprofit hospital has in considering the conversion to a for-profit hospital.

Consider the following topics in your discussion:

• Key characteristics of nonprofit hospitals that differ from for-profit hospitals o Include the characteristics required to maintain a nonprofit status.

• The need for shifts in corporate structure required for survival in this environment, including safety net requirements and responsibilities

• Potential reasons driving both organizations and considerations between an outright merger verses a corporate alliance or joint venture. • Assessment of the payer mix, financial benchmarks of nonprofit and for-profit hospitals

o Consider uncompensated care burdens within the for-profit model

• Proffer a decision based on your analysis of whether the organization should convert, create a joint venture, or decline the offer with rationale and justification. Your paper must include your financial information derived in your risk analysis as an appendix included after the Reference page

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