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Question: please answer the question with clear steps and remarks...

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please answer the question with clear steps and remarks

A rectangular concrete culvert with a constant wall thickness of 150 mm, 5 m wide, 2 m high and 8 m long, is supported by two equally loaded steel beams of rectangular hollow sections, also 8 m long The cross-sectional dimensions of the rectangular steel hollow sections and the concrete culvert are shown in Figure 1. The concrete culvert supports a live load of 4 kN/m2 on its top surface, and 1kN/m2 on its inside horizontal surface. Density of concrete 25 kN/m3. Density of steel 78.5 kN/m3. Esteel-200.000 MPa and I of the steel rectangular hollow section is 141.64 x 106 mm4. (a) Calculate the dead (including the self weight of the beam) and live loads in kN/m acting on each beam. Then calculate the ultimate limit state (ULS) load AND the serviceability limit state load (SLS) in kN/m experienced by each of the steel beams by applying the appropriate load factors (b) Using the SLS loading calculated in part (a) above and the useful information on page 3, calculate the deflection of the beams 2 m from a support end. Also calculate the maximum deflection in the beams and check whether they meet serviceability limit state requirements, based on a maximum beam deflection limit of span/250 Concrete hollow culvert with 150mm thick wall Live load-4kNm2 In 200m Live load 三1 KN/m2 2m 300mm 12mm Rectangular steel hollow section

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