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Please answer the questions, thanks!
romatographic Features Comparisons: (8 points) Identify and indicate ALL bond dipoles in the 4 analgesic compounds used in the TLC expe tho Use δ+ and δ to label the bond dipoles. Then silica stationary phase by drawing in SiO2 subunits; use dashed lines to indicate the between the molecules and a. raw the interactions of each compound with the color-coded additional example.) (4 points). the silica. (U se Figure 5.5 on page 99 as a guide, see Canvas for a O CH3 CH3 H3C O. CH3 CH3 CH3 Predict the order that the 4 analgesic compounds would appear on a TLC plate by drawing spots on the provided TLC plate below to indicate relative Re values. Explain and justify your answer thoroughly with words using the polarity factors covered on page 99-100 of the lab guide (4 points). b. Aspirin (Lane A): Acetaminophen (Lane B): Ibuprofen (Lane C) A B C D Caffeine (Lane D):
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