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Question: please answer these question properly not copy and paste from...

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please answer these question properly- NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM INTERNET-THANK YOU

-While projects often set lofty goals for high achievements, it is also important to be aware of the lower level impacts, or unintended consequences a project might have, what are some examples of this in the border wall project?

● What are the 5 main processes in PIM, and what in your opinion, is the most important part of each step?,.il 66%-11 :12 AM 1.0 Initiating 1.1 ldentify key stakeholders 1.2 Prepare project charter 1.3 Hold project kick-off meeting 2.0 Planning 2.1 Hold team planning meeting 2.2 Prepare team contract 2.3 Prepare scope statement 2.4 Prepare WBS 2.5 Prepare schedule and cost baseline 2.5.1 Determine task resources 2.5.2 Determine task durations 2.5.3 Determine task dependencies 2.5.4 Create draft Gantt chart 2.5.5 Review and finalize Gantt chart 2.6 Identify, discuss, and prioritize risks 3.0 Executing 3.1 Survey 3.2 User inputs 8.3 Intranet site content 3.3.1 Templates and tools 3.3.2 Articles 3.3.3 Links 3.3.4 Ask the Expert 3.3.5 User requests feature 3.4 Intranet site design 3.5 Intranet site construction 3.6 Intranet site testing 3.7 Intranet site promotion 3.8 Intranet site roll-out 3.9 Project benefits measurement 4.0 Monitoring and Controlling 4.1 Progress reports 4.2 Change requests 5.0 Closing 5.1 Prepare final project report 5.2 Prepare final project presentation 5.3 Lessons learned

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