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Question: please answer these questions thank you...

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Please answer these questions, thank you!
Which of these is a reason that the poles are colder than the Equator? O greenhouse effect is more significant near the Equat
At which position in the planets orbit would it be winter in the SOUTHERN hemisphere? (Image not to scale!!!) O C O D
At what latitudes do we get consistently clear skies and sunny conditions according to the 3-cell model of atmospheric circul

Air moves from: O low pressure to low pressure areas O low pressure to high pressure areas O high pressure to low pressure ar
Wind in the southern hemisphere is blowing from the Equator towards the South Pole. Due to the Coriolis effect, which directi
How does the temperature of a gas or liquid affect density and therefore whether it rises or sinks? O Molecules which have a
What is the term we use to describe the layer in the ocean where temperature changes rapidly with depth? O halocline O thermo
Why is surface water near the Equator not likely to sink down into the deep ocean? (Tip -use the profiles from Lecture 9 to h
Which of the following processes changes salinity by changing the amount of dissolved material in the ocean? O evaporation O
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