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A polling firm surveyed 1000 adults from one country about r form of the countrys senate. Of these, 26% of people in City A supported abolishing the senate, compared with 51% in City B Construct a 95% confidence l eral forthe difference in support between City A and City B Assume that 35.9% of the adults survey ere i City A and 21.1% ere in City B ) Let adults C y A be populatio Select the correct choice below and, if necessary, fill in the answer boxes within your choice. ⓔA. The 95% confidence interval is between.%and»%. O B. The interval should not be calculated because the assumptions and conditions are not met and cannot be reasonably assumed to be met 1 and adults m C B bepopula on 2. (Round to one decimal place as needed. Use ascending order.)please answer this question

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