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Please answer this quick. Using an online web resource find a picture of a person wearing or displaying several body modifications and/or body supplements. Include a copy of this image List out the dress practices and state what types of dress they are based on the Classification of Dress System. For example: Describe the body modifications that you see; describe the body enclosures that you see; Are they pre-shaped body enclosures or wrapped? Be as complete and specific as possible with your list. A list of these items is just fine. Describe the items you see and label them using the Classification System of Dress. You may use an image of a person that represents any culture that appeals to you. There should be at least have four (4) visible body modifications and/or supplements in the image.

TABLE 1.1 CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM FOR TYPES OF DRESS AND THEIR PROPERTIES Properties shape Surface Teture Scem Odor and and and Surface Types of Dress BODY MODIFICATIONS Transformations of Color Proportion Structure Design Texture Scent Sound Taste Hair Skin Nails Muscular/skeletal systenm Eyes Teeth Breath BODY SUPPLEMENTS Enclosures Wrapped Suspended Preshaped Combination-type Attachments to body Inserted Clipped or pressure-fastened Adhered Attachments to body enclosures Inserted Clipped or pessure-fastened Adhered Handheld objects By self By others Both body modifications and body supplements can be further classified according to (o) general body locus (eg, head, neck, trunk, arms,legs) or (b) more specific locus (eg. ips nose, eyelids or lashes, ears, hands, ankles, feet, breasts, genitals) ure: Adapted from Roach-Higgins and Eicher (1992). This system is based on previ- ous works: Roach-Higgins and Eicher (1973); Roach and Musa (198o)

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