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Please answerGeo Inc. had the following account balances on January 1, Year2: Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Cash Common Stock Equlpment Note Payable Retained Earnings S 731 2,400 2,400 20,000 3,300 4,600 4,661 4,900 1,780 Salamies and Wages Expense4 Supplies Required: Prepare jounal entries for each of the following January activities, and post results to the relevant T accounts. Compute the ending balance of each T-account. Beginning balances have been entered. (If no entry is required for a transaction/event, select No Journal Entry Required in the first account fleld.) A. Paid $731 on aunt for utilities that we used during Decembor Year 1 B. Purchased $493 of supplies for cish. C. Signed a rental agreement for office space and paid $8,300 in advance for six months af rent beginning February 1, Year 2 D. Purchased $18,500 of new equipment, signing a promissory note. E. Provided $33,000 of services. $21,000 was recelved in cash and $12,00D was provided on credit. F. Pald workers $7,600 for work done in January. View transaction list Journal entry worksheet Record the payment of $731 on account for Decembers utilities. Note: Enter debits before credits. Debit Credit A. Record entry Clear entry View general journalPlease answer

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