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A health services organization serves the patient population by providing a multitude of health services in the for medical expertise for diagnosis, treatment, and long-term c m of health outcomes. However, as organizations are a service organization providing care and health service delivery, they too must meet business bottom lines, ensure positive account balances, and adhere to healthcare policies and law What potential challenge might healthcare administration leaders face when balancing legal, ethical, business, and service obligations of a health services organization? While a health services organization has as its client the patient population it serves, and the medical and healthcare staff engaged in healthcare delivery,it too must respond to and work within the guidelines of the board in day to day operations In this way, healthcare administration leaders truly engage in a juggling act to balance the needs and interests of several stakeholders while delivering health services For this Discussion, reflect on the role of the board in resolving internal confict between compliance, ethical obligations, and business needs. Think about how healthcare administration leaders might balance these conflicts and potential challenges for effective health services delivery By Day 3 Post an explanation of the role of the board in resolving internal conflict between compliance, ethical obligations, and business needs. Then, describe how you, as a current or future healthcare administration leader, might address these challenges for a health services organization. Be specific and provide examples
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