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PLEASE be clear and state every answer4. Figure shows a vapor power cycle that provides process heat and produces power. The steam generator produces vapor at 500 lbf/in2, 800°F, at a rate of 8 104 lb/h. Eighty-eight percent of the steam expands through the turbine to 10 lbf/in2 and the remainder is directed to the heat exchanger. Saturated liquid exits the heat exchanger at 500 lbf/in2 and passes through a trap before entering the condenser at 10 lbf/in2 Saturated liquid exits the condenser at 10 lbf/in2 and is pumped to 500 lbf/in2 before entering the steam generator. The turbine and pump have isentropic efficiencies of 85% and 89%, respectively. Determine (a) The process heat production rate, in Btu/h (b) The thermal efficiency of the cycle. P-500 IbEin. 7, 85% Stcam generator Turbine → w P2-10 lbtin2 Heat exchangeri Ps 500 Ibtin. saturated liquid Pump 10 Ibin saturated liquid Tp 89%

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