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Question: please build an entity relationship diagram erd based on the...

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Please build an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) based on the following criteria

Below are the parameters of the information given as well as the entities that are required in the ERD

please make the ERD on a powerpoint or doc

Owners CustomeriR Name (f, m, l) Address (street, city, state, zip) Phone Email Pets Pet ID Pet name Known issues Identification Age Sex/Gender Type Pracedures Procedure Number/ID Requirements Name Description Medications Medication ID Name Dosage Generic name Requirements

Description Boarding Boarding I Start Date End Date Feeding schedule Playtime Grooming Food provided Employee EMPID TYPE (Vetee staff, vet, admin staff Name (f, m, ) Address (Street, City, State, Zip) Contact/Phone Salary Email Allergies/Known Issues License Number Hire Date Bills (Weak entity) Cast Date Payment Type (Card, Cash, Check)

Working individually, generate the ERD for The Cat Hospital, a veterinary clinic in Bloomington Owners bring multiple pets into the clinic for checkups, emergency services, and other veterinary procedures. The pet can only have one owner Pets can be seen by multiple veterinarians and veterinarian techs, while clinic administrative staff do not provide care .All procedures and medications administered must be linked to the pet and to any employee who provides the care for billing purposes Veterinarian can only see a max of 30 pets. The Hospital provides boarding of pets The Administrative staff does the work for the boarding of the pets System must track the pets stay for billing . Information for the stay includes, but not limited to, items such as who takes care of the pet, the feeding schedule, who provides the food, playtime, and grooming

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