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Question: please check if my work is right if it isnt...

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가.tt! Sr.ptı.T1-51 .)。. Leight 2. and whether adding Researchers investigated the possible beneficial eff milk to the tea reduces any possible benefit. Twenty-four volunteers were randomly assigned to one of three groups. Every day for a month, participants in group 1 drank two cups of hot black tea without milk, participants in group 2 drank two cups of hot black tea with milk, and participants in group 3 drank two cups of hot water but no tea. At the end of the month, the researchers measured the change in each of the participants heart health. (a) Did the researchers conduct an experiment or an observational study? Explain. An experi hrt hewe tte particip i tjene rwhkly alright te 、、 C h (b) Why did the researchers include a group who drank hot water but no tea? (c) Is it reasonable to generalize the results of the study beyond the 24 participants? Explain why or why not.Please check if my work is right. If it isn't please fix it or add to it. Or you can just ignore my answers and give your answers. Thank you.

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