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Question: please check the image and answer the following questions...

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Please check the image and answer the following questions
Financial Statements: Personal Chapter 1 AP-20A (0) State how the following transactions would afect net worth (increase, decrease, no cha Effect on Net Worth Transaction Borrow cash. Pay entertainment expense with cash Pay food expense with cash Buy assets with cash. Charge home repairs expense on credit card. Pay insurance expense with cash. Pay loan principal with cash. Purchase assets on account. Receive salary Pay rent expense with cash. AP-21 A (0 0) Using the following chart, indicate whether there would be an increase, decrease or no change to cash and net worth for the transactions provided. The first transaction has been completed for you. Cash Net Worth Transaction Increase Decrease No Change Increase Decrease No Change 1 Deposit salary earned: 2 Pay cash for food. 3 Purchase a new car 4 Pay rent expense in advance. 5 Reduce student loan principal. 6 Buy a new computer with cash. 7 Obtain a bank loan. Pay entertainment expenses 8 Record cash earned from a part-time job.
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