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Question: please code this in codeblock c format...

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Please code this in Codeblock C++ formatProgram 2 Approximate π T can be approximated using the following formula 3 5 7 9 11 Write a program that displays the results of the following two approximations of π 3 57911 35 79 11 13 NOTE: Use 1.0 instead of 1 in your program. Your output should look like | P1 = 2.97605 PI3.28374 Be sure to use complete documentation Your header documentation must include the following Author Assignment Title .Assignment Description Due Date Date Created Date Last Modified Submit your program using the program upload site Extra Credit: Use the approximation formula to calculate (and print) a value for Pl that will display as 3.14. (rounded to two decimal places) Note: You must clearly label the extra credit output with the following makers Start Extra Credit <Extra Credit Output> **End Extra Credit*

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