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Whitney Furniture uses departmental overhead rates (rather than a plantwide overhead rate) to allocate its manufacturing overhead to jobs. The companys two production departments have the following departmental overhead rates Cutting Department: Finishing Department: $9 per machine hour $18 per direct labor hour Job 484 used the following direct labor hours and machine hours in the two manufacturing departments Click the icon to view the resources used for Job 484.) 1. 2. How much manufacturing overhead should be allocated to Job 484? Assume that direct labor is paid at a rate of $24 per hour and Job 484 used S2400 O direct material ha wast total manufacturing cost of Ob4。 1. How much manufacturing overhead should be allocated to Job 484? Calculate the total manufacturing overhead for the job by using a formula for each departments overhead amount and then adding both amounts together. First determine the formula and overhead for the Cutting Department -Cutting Department overhead Choose from any list or enter any number in the input fields and then click Check Answer.i Data Table Cutting Finishing JOB 484 Direct Labor Hours Machine Hours. Department Department 2 7 8 4 Print Done

Please complete all the questions.

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