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Question: please complete the 3 scenarios provided using verbal andor nonverbal...

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Please complete the 3 scenarios provided.  

Using verbal and/or non-verbal communication write an educator response to each scenario.

  • Give a reason for your response: Why did you respond this way? What were you trying to encourage?
  • Dot points are great. 1-2 examples per scenario please.
  • I have provided the 1st scenario as an example of the responses I am wishing to read J


Scenario: Matt (3 yrs) tends to talk softly with his head bowed.

Verbal/non-verbal response:

  • Educator comes down to Matt’s level
  • Makes eye contact with Matt.
  • Smiles at Matt
  • Educator’s states “Would you like to choose something really interesting and exciting with me Matt?”



Scenario A:   Liza (3 yrs) rushes into the room and announces that she has a new puppy.

Verbal/non-verbal response:



Reason for response:



Scenario B: Ollie (4.9 yrs) is lying on the cushions in book corner. He looks as though he has been crying.

Verbal/non-verbal response:


Reason for response:  



Scenario C:  Zennie (3.6 yrs) speaks only Cantonese. She has been attending the centre for four months and has settled well. She participates in all activities and attempts to communicate using Cantonese and gestures. This morning she has spent quite a long time completing a collage. Zennie takes you by the hand and leads you to her work. She points to her collage and looks up at you, smiling.

Verbal/non-verbal response:



Reason for response 




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