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Please complete with steps. Thank you
Q2) (based on textbook problem 3.19) Consider the utility function 2va +3/ a) Find MU and MUy b) Is the assumption that more is better satisfied for both goods? c) Does the marginal utility of each good diminish, remain constant, or increase as the consumer buys more? d) What is MRS Is it diminishing, constant, or increasing as the consumer sub- e) On a graph with a on the horizontal axis and y on the vertical axis, draw a typical stitutes a for y along an indifference curve? indifference curve. (It need not be exactly to scale, but the major points like how slope changes along the curve should be clear). Also indicate whether the indifference curve will intersect either or both axes. Label this curve Ui 1. f) Draw a second curve U2 such that U2 > U
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