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Question: please correct answer for all questions...

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Please correct answer for all questions
Q1: For the Stress-strain diagrams (a & b) for each of the following cases: a) Stress-strain diagram (a) shows True stress strain behavior Engineering stress strain behavior b) Stress-strain diagram (a) corresponds to a Ductile material I Brittle material Strain e e) Write relationship of Hooks Law (b d) Hooks Law is valid for I. Ductile materials II. Brittle materials III. Both Ductile and brittle materials Strain e . State that maximum 02: Torsional strength of solid circular bar can be found by using max lo 0 strength that material must possess to avoid failure should be I. At center of circular bar I At outermost radius of circular bar III. Cannot be determined from this equation 3: Define toughness:
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