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Please create a response to the following discussion post form a student:

Avon had a business strategy that relied heavily on the international market, specifically in developing nations (Hill, 2015). The strategy may have continued to be successful had it not been for the sudden ban on direct sales marketing in China and the steadily declining economies of Russia, Mexico, and Eastern Europe (Hill, 2015). The reason the foreign market was so valuable to Avon is that when the company entered a market, they allowed the country managers a tremendous about of autonomy This approach was attractive to international market managers and resulted in an “army of 5 million Avon representatives around the world.” The sheer number of people involved in the management of the foreign markets under each of the Avon representatives was so great that it was nearly impossible for Avon to maintain and communicate for consistency (Hill, 2015).

I have had an experience similar to the Avon foreign market manager example from our text. I was part of an MLM group called Monat. When I joined the company as a consultant, Monat was less than a year old, and there weren’t very many representatives; it was an ideal time to join the company as I had the potential to be one of the six-figure earners because the market wasn’t flooded with representatives yet. However, the newness of the company presented problems as it grew. There was miscommunication as new representatives didn’t know who was their senior or mentor. The company was having trouble keeping up with the representatives and providing the newest and most accurate marketing tools and product information. Soon, representatives were making their own marketing materials and basing their product information on personal experience. I left the company when there started to be some controversy on a new formula that was released and lawsuits and damages claims were being made.

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