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Problem 1-3.1 A thin plate with width 2w-6 in, and thickness t= 0.06 in. is made of Ti-6A1- 4V annealed titanium allow with properties of S 130 ksi and Sv - 130 ksi. It has a plane stress Kic -110 ksiVin. It is used in a race car structural component that will be inspected periodically for cracks. Estimate the highest load, P, that can be applied without causing sudden fracture when a central crack grows to a length of 2c-1 in Ti-6AI4V (annealed) titanium plate, 130 ksi, S120 ksi, K,-110 ksi Vin. に--! 2c1 in. 2w = 6 in 1-0.06 in. Problem 1-3.2 Repeat Problem 1-3.1 using a material D6AC steel at -40°F with properties Su = 227 ksi and Sy-197 ksi. It has a plane stress Kic-100 ksivin. .

Please do 1-3.2

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