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Please do 3.4
High Middle Middle Working 21 37 15 31 F Working Working 3.4 PA The following table presents the annual person- hours of time lost due to traffic congestion for a group of cities for 2009. This statistic is a measure of traffic congestion. Annual Person-Hours Lost to Traffic Congestion City Baltimore Boston Buffalo Chicago Cleveland Dallas Detroit Houston Kansas City Los Angeles Miami Minneapolis New Orleans New York Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh 28 13 32 37 40 27 20 3.5 26 23 23 (continued next column)
Educall High school High school High school 8th grade 4th grade High school College College College College High school High school 8th grade ty Married Married Single Widowed Married of Divorced Divorced Separated Married Married Single Divorced Widowed (continuea) City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco Seattle Washington, D.C. Annual Person-Hours Lost to Traffic Congestion 19 23 30 27 for eac tral ter greate In wh Median 2000 a Provin Newf Princ Nova Nev Qu Source: U.S. Bureau of the Census. 2012. Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012. Table 1099. Available at http://www.census.gov/prod /2011pubs/12statab/trans.pdf a. Calculate the mean and median of this distribution b. Compare the mean and median. Which is te higher value? Why? c. If you removed Chicago (the case with the highes score) from this distribution and recalculated, w would happen to the mean? To the median d. Report the mean and median as you would i formal research report.
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