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Please do all and I will leave a very good review. Thank you!-points Use technology to obtin appoximale solutions grapically. All soluins should be auate to on deial place. (Zm in for impaed accuracy.) Find the intersection of the line through (, 1) and (4.4, 2) and the line through (2.2, 3) and (5.4, 0). (x, y) Submr. Answer -4 points You manage an ice cream factory that makes two fiavors: Creamy vanlla and Contnental Mocha. Into each quart of Craamy Vanlla go 2 eggs and 3 cups of cream. Into each quart of Continental Mocha go 1 egg and 3 cups of cream. You have in stock 700 cggs ond 1200 cups of cream. How many quart of coch flavor should you make in order to usc up the cggs and cream? HINT「5cc Example 5 1 Creamy Varnilla Continental Mocha at qt o-4 points An approprlations bill passes the U.S. House of Representatives with 93 more members voting in favor than against. If l 435 members of the House vote for or against the bill, how many voted in favor and how many voted against? in favor members agairnst members 0-15 points The demand and supply functions tor your college newspaper are, respectively, 9 shortage of papers? HINT [See Example 7.] 10,000p + 4,400 and q-3,000ρ 500, where ρ is the price in dollars. At what price should the newspapers be sold so that there is neither a surplus nor a

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