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  3. please do all theyre really quick im just not totally...

Question: please do all theyre really quick im just not totally...

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Problem 2-Explanation of Phases What is the difference between a compressed liquid and a saturated liquid? Mention something about the vapor phase in your explanation. Problem 3- Heat Transfer from Ice You want your pop (or soda) to be extra cold. As such you go to put ice in your drink and you have the option of large cubes or crushed ice. Which form of ice will get my drink cooler and why? Neglect any heat transfer with the environment or glass. Also, assume the ice starts at the same temperature in both cases.Problem 10 Explanation of boiling Remember from chapter one, we explained how temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy of molecules. Based on that and your understanding of the boiling process, explain why the temperature remains the same as a liquid boils at a given pressure.

Please do all, they're really quick I'm just not totally sure

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