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Question: please do both they should be pretty quick...

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Problem 6 Heat conduction I have a heating element providing heat to an iron plate at a constant rate of 19.0 BTU/hr. The iron plate is 1.5 in thick. On top of the iron plate is a brick of equal area and a thickness of 2.5 in followed by a soft rubber film only 0.25 in thick (also equal area). If I am able to keep the outer edge of the rubber at 75 °F, how hot will the iron plate be where it is in contact with the heating element after a very long time assuming the area of the setup is 120 square inches. Problem 7 - Heat convection Old incandescent bulbs used to generate a lot of heat. Lets consider a 60 w bulb where only 5% of the energy input is converted into light. If you have air at 25 °C flowing over the bulb (assume spherical in shape), the convective heat transfer coefficient is equal to 8.0 W/(m2 K). How hot is the bulb if the diameter is 9.5 cm.

please do both! they should be pretty quick

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