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please do not copy and paste from previous answer and internet- thank you

  1. How do you think the team controlled the scope of this project?

  2. What are other stakeholders except the scientific community the team could have interviewed to collect requirements and why?Planning Scope Management o Team approach to breakdown the work package o The John Hopkins University applied physics Laboratory o Alan Stern of the southwest Research institute (SWRI) o KinteX inc. Ball aerospace corporation, the Boeing company, NASA Goddard, Space Flight Center, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Stanford University, Lockheed Martin Corporation, University of Colorado, the U.S. Department of Energy and a number of other firms, NASA centers and university partners.Collecting requirements o Focus groups: scientific community o Characterize the global geology and morphology of pluto and charon Map surface composition of pluto and charon o Characterize the neutral atmosphere of pluto and its escape rate Scope statement: Send a spacecraft on this journey to help the scientific community answer basic questions about the surface properties, geology, interior makeup and atmospheres of Pluto and CharonWork Breakdown Structure Project-Specific Product Structure Level 1 Product Element 04-09 .01 02 03 10 Level 2 Level 2 Product Product Product SystemsEducation Integration& Public & Testing Outreach Level 2 PM SE SMA Elements ElementsElements As necessary.04-.09 for each Tier 2 Element EPS Level 3 D MEM Product PS Level 3 EM Product Elements Level3 %|s/ Level 3 196 | Level 3 E M Product EM Product Elements Elements Elements Elements PM, SE, SMA, SI&T, and EDU are as needed for this Product Tier. Figure 5-25 WBS Structure from Products and Enabling ActivitiesStakeholder Register Internal or External Name/ Group Position Project Role Science Community Teachers, Scientist & Astrologers External Champion U.S Government Government Agency & Approves funding Internal Sponsor Other Government Government Agency External Agencies Competitor Contributing Universities University Internal Project Team Glen Fountain Project Manager Internal ChampionPower/ Interest Grid Keep Satisfied Manage Closely High (4) Contributing Universities 1. Science Community 2. U.S. Government 3. Other Government (2) U.S Govt (5) Glen Fountain Power Agencies Monitor Keep Informed 1. Contributing Universities (3) Other Govt Agencies (1) Science Community 1. Glen Fountain Low Interest High

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