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Please Do Not Copy the old one

The Big Box Discount Store has very large parking lots at all of their locations. Often people traveling in RVs and travel trailers will stop to shop and then will stay overnight. Big Box has allowed this use of their parking lots as long as the “campers” park away from the store entrance and do not interfere with the ability of daily shoppers to come and go. Big Box’s public relations firm, decided that this provided a great “PR” opportunity. They and Big Box funded Yasmine and Gilroy’s trip across America. Yasmine and Gilroy write a blog about their travels across America, including their stays at Big Box. There is no disclosure on their blog that their expenses are covered by the public relations firm that works for Big Box. The blog stories are always upbeat and present Big Box in a very favorable light. Do you feel that there is an ethical issue here with what the bloggers do? Which of the AMA ethical values appear to be compromised by Big Box and the bloggers. Read the AMA ethics information in chapter one.

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