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Question: please do question 75 and 76 tq...

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Please do question 7.5 and 7.6.. tq
Consider the circular heat transfer pin shown in Figure P7.5. The base of the pin is held at constant temperature of 100 C (i.e., boiling water). The tip of the pin and its lateral surfaces undergo convection to a fluid at ambient temperature Ta The convection coefficients for tip and lateral surfaces are equal. Given k 380 W/m- C, L 8 cm, h2500 W/m2-°C,d-2 cm, T 30°C. Use a two element finite element model with linear interpolation functions (i.e., a two-node element) to determine the nodal temperatures and the heat removal rate from the pin. Assume no internal heat generation. 7.5 h, T 100° C h, Ta Figure P75 Repeat Problem 7.5 using four elements. Is convergence indicated? 7.6
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