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Please do step 5
2. Assune that the horizontal lines in the diagran represent folloe up of 800 different people during the 8 years period. Each horizon 1ine represents 100 different people. Red ovals represent hypertension, blue ovals represent lost to ollow : green orals represent death. All patients ith hypertension survived through the 8 years Please caleulate the poies prevalence of hrertension at the end of 2nd year point)7 2) Please caleulate the peist prevslence of brertension at the end of sth year oint)? 3) Please calculate the period prevalence of hypertension for the total 8 years(1 point)? ) Please calculate the cumulative incidence of hypertension at the end of 5th year(1 point) 5)Please calculate the incidence density of hypertension for the 8 years period(1 point)?
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