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  3. please draw it clearly with all requirement thanks...

Question: please draw it clearly with all requirement thanks...

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Problem 4- Tracking a Process on a PT diagram First, on a PT diagram, clearly label where the presence of the liquid phase, the vapor phase, and the solid phase. In addition, label the critical point and the triple point. Finally, plot the following process on that diagram. Clearly label the start point with a 1 and clearly label the end point of each process step. (hint: perform problem 4 and 5 simultaneous on separate pages). Assume processes happen in a closed system. A superheated vapor (state 1) is brought to a saturated mixture (state 2) isochorically. The saturated mixture (state 2) is isobarically compressed until only one bubble of vapor remains (state 3). From that state (state 3), the pressure is increased to another state (state 4), but with the temperature remaining the same. Finally at that temperature and pressure (state 4) the temperature is increased until the substance is a supercritical fluid (state 5) a. b. c. d.

please draw it clearly with all requirement thanks

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