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  3. please elaborate as much as possible thank you in advance...

Question: please elaborate as much as possible thank you in advance...

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please elaborate as much as possible. Thank you in advance :)

2.1 Analysis and design of a buck-boost converter: A buck-boost converter is illustrated in Fig. 2.28(a), and a practical implementation using a transistor and diode is shown in Fig. 2.28(b Fig. 2.28 Buck-boost converter of Problem 2.1: (a) ideal converter circuit, (b) implementation using MOSFET and diode. i(t) (a) Find the dependence of the equilibrium output voltage Vand inductor current /on the duty ratio D, input voltage V. and load resistance R. You may assume that the inductor current ripple and capacitor voltage ripple are small. (b) Plot your results of part (a) over the range 0s DSI (c) DC design: for the specifications V--20 V 5 40 kHz (i) (ii) Find D and / Calculate the value ofLthat will make the peak inductor curre ntripple Δι equal to ten per- cent of the average inductor current I (ii) Choose C such that the peak output voltage ripple Avis 0.1 v Sketch the transistor drain current waveform i,(t) for your design of part (c). Include the effects of inductor current ripple. What is the peak value ofiz? Also sketch ,(r) for the case when L is decreased such that Δί is 50% ofl. what happens to the peak value of 1Tin this case? Sketch the diode current waveform ip(t) for the two cases of part (d) (d) (e)

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