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Now knowing that the patient was infected with Mycoplasma pneumoniae, what is the likely explanation for the false Gram-negative test? Before you answer this question you may want to know how Gram staining works. Briefly, the Gram stain is a differential stain meaning that you are using two dyes that stain different structures. Based on the structural differences of the bacteria, the dyes will interact differently with them, producing different results (colors). The Gram stain (Crystal Violet together with Grams lodine) stains thick layers of pepti second stain (or counterstain) is safranin. Safranin is a dye which interacts with and binds to lipid bilayers. Yes, safranin also stains the cytoplasmic membrane of Gram-positive bacteria, but the deep purple color of the Gram stain makes it impossible to see. an purple and thin layers of very, very lightly purple. The OA The counterstain stained the cytoplasmic membrane, making it look like a Gram-negative bacterium 8. The counterstain stained the mycolic acid in the cellular envelope, thus making it look like a Gram-negative bacterium o C. The Gram stan lightly stained the present peptidoglycan (making it look pink rather than red) D. The Gram stain was able to penetrate the cell making it turn pink
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