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Please explain.
Question 26 AA BB and aa bb individuals were crossed to each other, and the Fi generation was backcrossed to the aa bb parent 911 Aa Bb. 929 aa bb, 22Ma bb, and239 aa Bb offspring resulted. PartL what is the distance between the a and b loci? Part II. What progeny and in what frequencies would you expect to result from a testeross of the Fugeneration from AA bb x aa BB? Part II Option Part 1 10 cM LAB/ab (45%, Ablab (45%), aB/ab (5%, ablab (5%% 20 cM ABab (40%. Abab (10%) aBabTC10%), abab (40% 20 cM (d 10 CM ABlab (5%). Aba (45%), aBiab (45%), ablab (5% 20 cM Zo 2- 30O
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