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Please explain answers in brief as well.Q4) Consider the following programming segment ***You should note that the two for loops are nested loops counter = 200 for i 1 to (n+3) do ( counter-counter 11 for j - i+1 to (2n+ 15) do { counter = counter + 22 for k - j+1 to n do counter- counter 33 Your answer must rely on combinations structure. Answers that use sigma notation will not be accepted. a Dtermine the value that the variable counter will have after the segment is executed. Provide your answer as a function of n (i.e. formula which depends on n). b) Evaluate your answer in part a) for n 50. Check this number by implementing the code in Java. Use the value n 50 and print the variable counter after the code execution. What do you conclude? You must provide the screenshots of implementation and output.

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