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e) a nice engine grumble 18. In a given society there are two groups of consumers. 100 consumers have their utility function of the following form:1U=5x+g 0.5, while for 20 consumers it is2U-2x+g, where x denotes private good, and g - public good. If the marginal cost of public good provision is 10 and for the private good it is 1, how many units of the public good should be supplied? a) g= 100 MA, b) g-120 c) g- 50 the public good should not be supplied at all e) none of the remaining answers is correct 19, A firms revenue depends on agents effort e. If we denote the agents optimal effort by e*. wage as a function of effort by w(e), the cost of effort by c(e), utility dependent on the wage by uw), and the outside option utility by A, then the incentive compatibility constraint (ICC) will be given by a uwe))-cte u(w(e)) c(e)+A for all e b) w(e)-c(e*) w(e)- c(e) for all e d) u(w(e*u(w(e)) c(e) for all e e) none of the remaining answers is correct

Please explain carefully.

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