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e) All of the remaining answers are correct 4. In the case of adverse selection in the health insurance market efficiency can be improved by: at least two of the remaining answers are correct b) none of the remaining answers is correct c) the requirement to undergo medical tests and present their results to the insurer d) government intervention (e.g. introduction of mandatory insurance for everyone) e) partial insurance (i.e. with the insurees own contribution) 5. Which of the following is presumably a good reason to make public transportation free on the days of particularly low air quality (as coimpared to other attempts at its improvement, focused on the long-run effects)? a) People should ideally stay at home on such days b) Poor average air quality is a serious threat to human health The impact of the use of cars on air quality and/or the impact of air quality on health is nonlinear d) Days of free public transportation will encourage more people to buy monthly or 3-month passes All other answers provide good reasons e) 6. The inverse aggrenate d

please explain carefully.

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