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13. Willa majority vote applied to determine the choice betwen two options deliver an efficient outcome? No, because the vote does not reflect the intensity of preferences b) No, because some voters will presumably vote for a less preferred option c) Yes o, because the vote may result in a tie and then it is necessary to draw lots e) In such a situation every outcome is efficient 14. The global climate policy can be described a of the commons primarily because: climate changes may lead to natural disasters b) a) the reduction of greenhouse gases emission is at odds with economic growth c) some countries emit much more greenhouse gases than others a countrys greenhouse gas emissions harm also other countries e) it is impossible to monitor the emissions of greenhouse gases by other countries 5. There exi ist two countries: Here and There. The inefficiency resulting from the introduction of arifs by country Here for goods from country There consists, among others, in the following: a) there is less money to invest in public goods in Here b) the informational asymmetry increases e) the goods are transported over a longer distance production moves to a place which is less cost-efficient consumption is inefficiently high e)

Please explain carefully

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