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Question: please explain in detail and fill in the table i...

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Use the following pseudocode for the merge phase of Mergesort on the following problems Assume arrays begin with index 0, and lines such as for i - a to b terminate when 〉 b. so it is equivalent to for (i = a; i 〈= b; 1++) 1. procedure merge(A: an array of integers, integers lo, mid, hi) 3. initialize array B[lo..hi] :- A[lo..hi] 10, J := mid + 1 4. for k-lo to hi if i 〉 mid then A[k] := B[j++) else if j > hi then A[k] B[it+] else if B[j] < B[i] then A[k] : Blj++] else A[k] :- B[i+] printf ( i : %d j: %d k: %d B[i]: %d bij] : %d, i, j, for r -lo to hi 8 10 printf( A[%d] : %d, r, A[r]) (a) 25 pts Fill out the following table for values printed by the pseudocode for merge with A [4,7,-6,-3,-4,8], lo 0, mid 1 and hi-2. If an index causes an invalid access (out of bounds or garbage value), denote this with an X AII A[2Please explain in detail and fill in the table. I want to know how to solve. Thanks

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