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Question: please explain things in terms of enzymes and receptors mechanisms...

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Please explain things in terms of enzymes and receptors mechanisms and GI layers functions when possible.
A 60 year old male truck driver was taken to the nearest hospital because of vomiting and mild abdominal A pain that caused him to shake vigorously and lose consciousnes. Upon arrival, his vital signs were taken: Blood pressure 90/50 mm Hg Resting heart rate Resting respiration rate 110 beats per minute 18 breaths per minute Body temperature 98°F RBC count normal WBC Platelets Erythropoietin PaCO PaO normal normal elevated 50 mm Hg 60 mm Hg Because heart attack was initially suspected, the patient was given four 80mg aspirin tablets while an EKG was ordered His EKG recording seemed to indicate the occurrence of a heart attack so he was asked to stay overnight for close monitoring. While resting, the patient requested for some water / food in which he took a couple of spoonfuls of a clear chicken soup. After a little while, the patient said he needed to defecate in which he was then helped to sit up. While in this position, the patient started to vomit again he ejected vomitus and stool of ground coffee color. Upon further questioning, it was revealed that he has been a chronic alcohol drinker without food during those drinking bouts. Also, he confessed he would drink those 5-hour energy drinks that are high in caffeine content in order to keep him awake while on long distance driving. Endoscopy was immediately ordered which confirmed that his stomach lining has bleeding ulcers. 1. Assess his GI functions. (0.5) Based on GI wall histology, how far into the layers are the gastric ulcers capable of causing a blood-laden (ground coffee color) vomitus? Why do you think so? B (05) Based on your understanding of normal gastric structures
B. (05) Based on your understanding of normal gastric structures and functions, how could gastric ulcers develop? c (0.5) Based on your answer in B and the patients drinking habits, how could his gastric ulcers have developed? D. (1) How would a proton pump inhibitor help treat gastric ulcers? E. (0.5) Why and how would an H-2 receptor blocker alleviate healing of gastric ulcers? The patient was further advised to eat three small meals and three snacks evenly spaced throughout the day, and avoid periods of hunger or overeating. F (0.5) Provide an explanation He was also advised to cut down on caffeine-containing foods, spicy foods, and acidic foods (0.5) Why? After two months, the patient underwent a second endoscopy which showed that gastric ulcers have healed nicely. H (1) Normal gastric function involves the initial digestion of which macronutrient? What enzyme is needed for its digestion to occur? In which specific cell is the enzyme produced?
In which specific cell is the enzyme produced How is the pH requirement of this enzyme different OR similar from other GI enzymes? (0.5) Gastric digestion of the macronutrient is finally completed in the (be specific). What are the roles of CCK and secretin for its final processing into absorbable products? a.s) What would trigger CCK or secretin release? Where do they exert their effects? What are the absorbable products resulting from complete digestion of the macronutrient? Where are these products absorbed? What specific membrane transporters are involved? (Hint: A labeled drawing may be helpful) a) How is their absorption process similar OR different from the absorption process for the 2 OTHER category of absorbable products covered in class?
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