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Chapter 2 Testing Your Retention Fill in the blanks to review the concepts of Chapter 2. biological Although the HIV virus is nonliving, it is made up of the same 1 molecule _as living cells. There are four groups of molecules that living cells depend on. Large polymers of sugars are built from units called 2 monosocchaides Besides being a source of energy, 3 Corbohydrates provide cell 4 Stnicture an roe Hohobic are molecules that tend to repel and not dissolve in water. 7 cells and are the main component of the 8 molecules of lipids are called 9 are important to living cells because they en ergy surround . Solid storage . One form of lipids that makes ome vitamins, hormones and cholesterol is 10 steroid types of lipids are called 11 waxesProteins are also built by Semisolid . Proteins are also built bycombining 12 cids 13 polypeptide that are aligned into a linear sequence called a A protein region shaped like a spiral staircase is called a(n) 14 Qlpho he are called 15pephide bonds Although there are only 20 different . The types of bonds that are seen between amino acids amin 16 CCİdS , there are many more types of 17W produced by the cell due to differences in overall arrangement and shape of the polymer. Proteins have many different functions including acting as a messenger can be within the body in the form of 18 SigndlS , protecting animals from and speeding up lifes processes diseases through the use of 19 in the form of 20 determine the production of proteins. DNA or RNA is built from subunits called . The cells DNA or 21 , which store the genetic information of a celldigests it so that the cell can reuse its molecules. Sperm cells can move through the environment by a long thin hair-like structure, or 45 46 photosynthesis, Plant cells also contain a 48 plasma membrane and helps to support the plant and is made of a polysaccharide called 49 Plant cells contain a special organelle, the , which uses 47 to capture sunlight for that surrounds thePlease fill in the blanks.

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