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2. Calculate the amount of depreciation to Ue Zambonis revised useful life. Exercise 9-17 Revising depreciation rates-change in useful life and residual value LO4 CHECK FIGURE: Revised depreciation = $7,624 n April 3, 2017, Davids Chocolates purchased a machine for $71,200. It was assumed that the machine would have a five-year life and a $15,200 trade-in value. Early in January 2020, it was determined that the achine would have a seven-year useful life and the trade-in value would be $8,000. Davids Chocolates uses the straight-line method to the nearest month for calculating depreciation. Record depreciation at December 31, 2020, Davids Chocolates year-end. Round to the nearest whole dollar. uhsequent capital expenditure LO2,4

Please full calculation and explanation.

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