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Question: please give a brief answer for each question 1 what...

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Please give a brief answer for each question:

1. What are the functions of the Golgi complex, which parts of their structures help them to play those roles? which type of protein you never find in golgi complex?

2. In human body, meiosis is restricted in?

3. Asters definition, structures and functions?

4. Common features of Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes division process?

5. Which protein for chromatids separation before the journey to spindle poles?

6. Difference between somatic and germline cell?

7. Roles of carbohydrates in cell structures and living actions?

8. Which organelle contain enzyme such as H2O2 as a by product? Detail its structure and function?

9. Which is the site in biosynthetic pathway where final sorting decision are made to target protein to the cell surface, lysosomes or secretary granules

10. Which exact place in nucleus are to produce and to assemble ribosomes

11. Detail the feature of telophase in meiosis?

12. Which life cycle occur in flowering plants? Detail the features of this type of lifecycle?

- Same question with fungi?

13. What are the kinetochores and their functions?

14. Unique characteristics of Meiosis I that different from Meiosis II and mitosis?

15. Types of transportation in cell?

16. Detail the Robert Whitaker’s proposal?

17. Lysosome and Peroxisomes differences?

18. Microtubules and Intermediate filaments differences?

19. What are the plastids and their functions? s

20. Cell use which structures for their internal movement?

21. Gametes produced from where and what types of cell?

22. What is the point where replicated chromosomes attach to the microtubules of the spindle apparatus?

23. Which theory proposed to explain the possible origin of chloroplasts and mitochondria?

24. Types of fibers in mitosis spindles and their function?

25. Dark reations of photosynthesis occur where in chloroplast?

26. Centriole structure is a ring of how many groups of microtubules?

27. The Cart Woese proposal?

28. Function of Peroxisomes?

29. Functions of Mitochondria DNA

30. Detail the structure of cell membrane?

31. Which structure are the cell power reducer and are the site of cellular respiration

32. Which structure will never been found in the plant cell but in the animal cell?

33. What are the motor protein and their function in cell?

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