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please give me all problem solutionBMED 4300 MATLAB Exercise. Signal Modulation The following steps will guide you through the Matlab exercise (Note the % indicates a comment and need not be entered.) In the Matlab Command window type: x : [1:1:140; % sets up the domain yCarrier : cos(pi*x/8); % create a sinusoid to act as a carrier plot(x,yCarrier): 96 and plot it ySigna-rand(size(yCarrier)); %create a signal to be transmitted plot(x,ySignal); % and plot that too ySum-yCarrier + ySignal, 96 create an average signal yDiff-yCarrier-ySignal: % create a difference signal a) Using only linear combinations of the ySum and yDiff signals, recover the ySignal and plot it. b) Confirm that the ySignal recovered in (a) is equal to the original (e) Give an example of a biological signal which could be analyzed using the model above. Be specific by identifying the components of the biological process as in the model above.ion

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