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Question: please give me detailed solutions step by step i am...

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QUESTION 4 Q 4(a) Classify each of the following systems as minimum-phase, maximum-phase or TOTAL MARKS: 25] [8 Marks] neither. Which of these systems is stable? (0) hIn]- unn(0.5), rm stable 12 marks] z2 +0.5 z2-0.25 2 marks] vHz)-4 [2 marks] Q 4(b) [6 Marks] The transfer function H(z) of a filter has two poles at z and a zero-frequency gain of 2. H.S 0 , two zeros at z -1 (i) Find the transfer function H(z) (ii) ls this a FIR or an IIR filter? 产1 (iii) Is it causal or non-causal? Ca (iv) Is it linear-phase? -lǐm3tw 12 marks] [2 marks] [1 mark] 1 mark] Q 4(c) [5 Marks] What is a comb filter? Explain how it can be used to reject or emphasise input components at a particular frequency Q 4(d) For each of the following filters, identify the locations of the poles and zeros, and [6 Marks] determine whether it is a notch filter or a peaking filter: H(z)-24-O6561 0. 3 marks] ド 0.9 (ü) Kz)02401 z4-0.4096 [3 marks] [End of Question 4]

Please give me detailed solutions step by step, I am just trying to learn, thank you so much in advance! 2016 R

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