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Question: please give me detailed solutions step by step i am...

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(0 -0-00s, 0... QUESTION 4 ITOTAL MARKS: 25] 0oS26 [15 Marks] Q 4(a) Use the windowing method (with a Hamming window, see appendix) to design a low-pass FIR digital filter, with cut-off frequency 9 kHz and sampling rate 30 ksamples/s. The frequency response should be of linear phase type, with impulse response h[n] 7 samples long. You should provide (i) the impulse response h[n] (i) the transfer function H(z) (ii) a signal flow diagram of the designed filter 9 marks] 2 marks] 4 marks] Q 4(b) 7 Marks] Using one or more instances of the filter designed according to part Q4(a) above, describe how you could design (using the same sampling rate) H(F (0 a high-pass fliter with a cut-off fieqey 9 kHz 1-H(F) (2 marks) (ii) a high-pass filter with a cut-off frequency 6 KHz, (ii) a band-pass filter with cut-off frequencies of 6 and 9 kHz [2 marks] marks 3 marks 3) Q 4(c) 3 Marks] How is the phase response of a FIR filter (designed by the window method) affected by the choice of window type (ie. whether rectangular, Bartlett, Hamming, etc.)? End of Question 4]

Please give me detailed solutions step by step, I am just trying to learn, thank you so much in advance! 2016

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