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Question: please give me detailed solutions step by step i am...

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QUESTION 1 Q 1(a) Obtain the z-Transforms of each of the following signals ITOTAL MARKS: 25] [6 Marks In] = cos (-_-) uln] 2 marks] u nun - marks] 0-S Q 1(b) The signal x[n], (of length 4 samples) is defined as: x[n-(1,-1,12) [7 Marks] (i) Write down the Discrete-time Fourier Transform (DTFT) of xn [2 marks] (i) pn] is the periodic sequence (of period 4 samples) obtained by 5 marks] repeating xIn]. What is the DTFT of [n]? Q 1(c) [8 Marks] 1/2 Figure Q1 Determine [4 marks] [2 marks] 2 marks] (0) the transfer function, (ii) the pole-zero diagram (ii) the difference equation of the system shown in Figure Q1 Q 1(d) [4 Marks] Let X(z) be the z-Transform of the sequence x[n] = u[n] (0.5). Using the table of z-Transforms and properties, find the sequences f[n] and g[n whose z-Transforms are F(z) z-3x(z), and G(z) - X(-3z) respectively [End of Question 1]

Please give me detailed solutions step by step, I am just trying to learn, thank you so much in advance! 2016

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