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Question: please give me detailed solutions step by step i am...

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ITOTAL MARKS: 33] QUESTION 3 [12 Marks] Q 3(a) Explain the impulse-invariance method of transforming a continuous-time system into a discrete-time equivalent, and describe the types of filter which are not suitable for impulse-invariance design 9 Marks] Q 3(b) Assuming a sampling period ts of 1 second, use the impulse-invariance method to transform the continuous-time filter: H+2) 0368 о.as into a discrete-time system 12 Marks] Q 3(c) (i) Draw a signal-flow diagram for a 3-tap Finite Impulse Response 3 marks] (FIR) filter (ii) Sketch a block diagram for a DSP-processor based hardware 4 marks] system to implement a digital filter in real-time (ii) Explain the sequence of calculations that must be performed for [5 marks] each new output sample by such a real-time system wen e implementing a FIR filter err see ntio End of Question 31 8-1

Please give me detailed solutions step by step, I am just trying to learn, thank you so much in advance! 2017

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