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please give step by step instructions

sity ie/system/files/2016-MT201S-January.pdf NiDAYS Zookal Study! Guide 囡Sign in-Sage Amazon Music Unli 賑Access Denied /Us 1. Let l :(t) (1,-3,2) +t (1,4, -5) and l2 : w(s) -(-1,-2,0) +s.(-1,-1,1) [5 marks) 8 marks] be lines in R3 (a) Find the Cartesian equations of (b) The lines /1 and 2 intersect. i. Find the point of intersection between l and l2. ii. At what (smaller) angle do the lines l and l2 intersect?[8 marks] [8 marks) (d) Find the Cartesian equation of the plane that contains both h and l2 [4 marks (c) Find a unit vector that is perpendicular to both li and l2. (a) Determine and sketch the domain D of f. 7 marka

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